From jug to small creamer: Porcelain for beverages

Serve your beverages in classy KAHLA porcelain: at KAHLA you will find a wide selection of traditional and contemporary coffee pots and teapots for two, four or six people. In addition, we offer one-of-a-kind milk jugs, pitchers for juice and water as well as beautiful, slender porcelain carafes in various sizes, décors and style options. If you are looking for an exceptional designer piece or a unique, versatile gift, the KAHLA jugs, coffee pots, teapots and carafes should be your top choice. Elegant pitchers and pretty small creamers round out our extensive product range of high-quality porcelain solutions for beverages. 

KAHLA porcelain offers endless possibilities

Many people want a large pitcher, a small jug or a nicely shaped teapot to match their favourite tableware. Which KAHLA product it will be is up to you. Of course you may simply select carafes, coffee pots, teapots or a pretty creamer from the very same KAHLA tableware series that you are using every day. But the combination of different vibrant colours or pastels and décors can be equally pleasing to the eye. Similarly, the multifunctional KAHLA designs of  Update, Centuries, Five Senses and many other series can be combined with each other or may complement your heirloom pieces. And also what you will be using it for does not have to be strictly defined. A milk jug may certainly hold vanilla sauce or a refreshing sparkling beverage. And of course our carafes can be used to serve white wine or red wine, but also make simple flower vases. After all, modern dining culture means to express your creativity and individuality. 

Jugs and carafes by KAHLA are of lasting value and environmentally sound

Those who want to show a sense of style today also have to address the inner values of products. Because not everything that looks nice is also good for mankind and the environment. With KAHLA porcelain you can be sure that all porcelain products are manufactured under the strictest environmental and social guidelines. We vouch for it with the "KAHLA pro Eco" seal. From raw materials to packaging, all products are completely manufactured in our family-owned enterprise in Germany. The fact that we rightly mark our high-quality branded porcelain with the label „Made in Germany” was verified by the consumer magazine "Ökotest" in its 3/2014 issue.