Carafes: tall, slender pieces for the table

Normally, carafes are made of glass or cut crystal, but at KAHLA, we want you to meet a very special and exceptionally beautiful relative from this category of tableware: the porcelain carafe. Like all KAHLA designer pieces our classy carafes impress with versatility and ingenuity. They are equally suited for serving white or red wine, sangria, punch or all non-alcoholic beverages. The Five Senses carafe is a slender alternative to the classic milk jug or juice pitcher. It also has the advantage to fit in the compartment in the refrigerator door. This way, water and lemonade inside the tall carafe remain perfectly chilled, especially with the help of the lid, which is additionally available and can be used as a dipping dish as well.

All carafes by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan

Clean, contemporary lines or with a touch of history

The white porcelain carafes by KAHLA work well on any table. The design of the straight-lined, minimalist Five Senses carafe is reduced to only the essentials. With its flawless and smooth body and without a handle, it is easily grasped with just one hand. A very special piece that also features a well-designed functionality is the coffee carafe from the KAHLA Café Sommelier series. Its shape was designed especially for the optimal preservation of the aroma of coffee. For coffee aficionados with a sense for contemporary aesthetics, this unusual single piece will be their first choice. Trend-conscious coffee-lovers will also appreciate this fresh alternative to the traditional coffee pot.

Stylish porcelain masters of transformation

The attractive, tall KAHLA porcelain carafes are designed not only for beverages. They also create visual highlights as flower vases – and not only on the dining table, but also on sideboards, in the office or at a reception. Their stylish shape, the valuable material and the high-quality workmanship are particularly accentuated with individual expressive flower stems or striking branches. Be open for new ideas and let your imagination run free.