The best for freshly brewed coffee: coffee pots made of porcelain

The coffee pot is celebrating its comeback. Alongside espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino, filter coffee is currently experiencing a renaissance with coffee aficionados. They praise its mildness and the subtly nuanced aroma – provided it is prepared accordingly. But regardless of whether you are coming back to the classic filter coffee or whether you have preferred it all along: following culinary best practices, it is still best served in a beautiful coffee pot made of sustainably produced branded porcelain. 

Coffee pots in new and old designs

When people hear the word „coffee pot” they think of a certain, traditionally shaped product: a tall coffee pot with a narrow spout – either with coloured décor, floral pattern or all-white, depending on the style of their family's porcelain tableware. These coffee pot archetypes include our popular Blau Saks or Onion pattern coffee pots. In addition, KAHLA also offers plain, straightforward options from the Aronda or Five Senses porcelain series. Those looking for an all-new contemporary design for preparing and serving filter coffee, will opt for the unusual coffee carafe from the KAHLA  Café Sommelier porcelain collection. Its smart design preserves the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in an optimal way. We also offer a matching porcelain coffee filter that has a perfect fit. A clever gift for trend-conscious coffee aficionados and connoisseurs. 

A coffee service according to your taste - with KAHLA porcelain

Your KAHLA coffee service adapts to your needs and preferences. With a high-quality KAHLA coffee pot of your choice as focus, you may select as many plates, cups and saucers as well as accessories as you wish. You don't have to settle for the conventional 18-piece coffee service. Customise your own KAHLA coffee service in our Online Shop and explore different configurations as desired.