Practical porcelain jugs are always in season

They are needed for juice at brunch, for milk and hot cocoa at children's birthday party and for the sufficient supply of dessert sauces after dinner: versatile porcelain jugs, available at KAHLA in a large variety of sizes. From the small jug holding 0.5 litres to the large pitcher holding 1.5 litres – our multi-purpose product range has everything you need. Alternatively, you may find what you are looking for in our selection of stylish sauce boats, elegant carafes and well-designed milk jugs. Many of the indispensable KAHLA jugs are also available with a matching lid/bowl. Ideal for breakfast on the patio or for a backyard party. The lid protects the contents from both the sun and also from wasps and other bugs. Why not go bug-free? 

KAHLA jugs bring colour to the table

The decorative KAHLA milk jugs and down-to-earth juice pitchers are available in different designs, colours and either with or without décor. In the Mediterranean porcelain series Pronto jugs with any other KAHLA tableware. You will see: the different individual pieces of our smart, well-designed designer porcelain go well together even if they are not all from the same porcelain series. Mixing it up a little is fun and pleases the eye.

Innovative production meets high-quality craftsmanship

Like all KAHLA porcelain products, also our jugs are branded goods of the highest quality. They are made at our traditional location in Thuringia using a combination of state-of-the-art production technologies and craftsmanship with great attention to detail. For instance, all handles are still attached to the jugs by hand. Extensive quality controls ensure that each porcelain jug is flawless and beautiful and will last for a long time. Because whether you will be using our jugs also in the microwave or frequently clean them in the dishwasher: we want you to enjoy them for many years to come.