Milk jugs and creamers that match the porcelain set

A small jug for cream, fresh milk or evaporated milk is an essential accessory at the coffee table. Almost always at least one of your guests will like to whiten up his coffee or tea. From the charming, traditional creamer with Onion pattern and Blau Saks décor over timeless classics such as Aronda to unusual, extravagant milk jugs - KAHLA has almost everything you could ever want for. Select your favourites from our vast selection of contemporary and traditional designs and décors. You will certainly also find a matching sugar bowl, a stylish coffee pot or teapot, and dessert plates and cups to fit your taste.

Surprise your guests with an extraordinarily designed coffee service

Whether in a small circle or a large group, at „kaffeklatsch” or the Communion or Confirmation celebration: the contemporary KAHLA designer milk jugs for sure will have your guests talking. The Elixyr creamer for example surprises with a handle that is an elongation „growing” directly from its asymmetrical shape. The shape of the handle-less TAO creamer is both dynamic and organic.  The creamer can hold up to a quarter litreAccessoires of milk. 

Some colour please!

For years, plain white porcelain was regarded as the standard. But for some time now, colour has been making a comeback at the table. Experienced decorators skilfully add individual additional items with colour or a décor to the white basis tableware. Creamers are especially well suited as such an added touch, as are sugar bowls, teapot warmers and similar accessories. The addition of a few colour-coordinated napkins, pretty table runners and individually arranged flower stems quickly completes the contemporary tabletop décor.