Classy porcelain teapots come in a variety of sizes

You are looking for a small, pretty teapot that holds two cups? Or perhaps you desperately need an extra-large pot for the colder months? KAHLA has the perfect teapot for your needs. Our wide porcelain selection for tea and hot beverages includes teapots of various sizes ranging in volume from 0.4 to 1.4 litres. In addition to minimalist white designer teapots, such as the teapots from the nature-inspired Tao porcelain series, we also carry the popular Onion pattern and Blau Saks teapots.

Decorative designer teapots by KAHLA

Whether inspired by Asian motifs, English high tea or minimalist and contemporary: a beautiful teapot always adds aesthetic appeal to the afternoon tea. But it is more than just that: after all, a round or shallow teapot is instrumental to celebrating the art of perfect tea. According to the English as well as the German and the Asian tea tradition, tea leaves, herbs, dried flowers or fruit are ideally brewed in a roomy teapot.  Only this way do they have sufficient space to steep and to fully develop their aroma.

KAHLA teapots - it does not always have to be bone china

Whether white, green or black tea, fruit infusion or herbal tea: KAHLA has the perfect teapot for your favourite beverage. And it is guaranteed to have been produced in an environmentally responsible way and to be free of any animal products. This is not always the case, especially with teapots. Many manufacturers advertise their very delicate, thin bone china. As indicated by bone – in bone china, bone ashes is added to the porcelain as a flux. KAHLA teapots on the other hand are made of hard-paste porcelain, which consists of 100% kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Those who value correct consumer behaviour will look for the green "KAHLA pro Eco" seal that vouches for a sustainable and resource-conserving production in Germany. The best conditions for a relaxing and sensual tea experience.