Tasteful plates for every time of the day

Whether breakfast or snack, quick lunch, pizza or three-course-dinner: beautiful plates will always be a part of it. With KAHLA porcelain, you don't have to buy a complete set of dinnerware because you can assemble your very own personal tableware set according to your taste. For plates, the selection ranges from classic dessert or soup plates over dinner plates of various sizes to very special applications: the KAHLA program includes special breakfast plates, generously-sized pasta plates, decorative charger plates and small, high-quality bread plates. 

All plates by KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan

Variety of styles, colours and designs

KAHLA offers a wide selection of colours, designs and décors that fit any style. Whether simple, modern design, retro style or modern vintage: you should choose KAHLA plates that match your taste and fit the ambiance. Create your own favourite custom tableware by mixing any pieces from individual series. Of course you may also mix different collections, because KAHLA porcelain always comes in the same pure white and features a brand-specific design language. Likewise you can just as easily assemble the classic 24-piece tableware service from our product range. In addition to modern shallow and deep plates suited for every day, you will find classically elegant tableware, fine porcelain and traditional décors.

Environmentally-friendly plates made in Germany

KAHLA combines 170 years of porcelain tradition with production technologies that are among the most advanced and most environmentally friendly in the industry. Our multifunctional, made-to-last designer pieces are made from hard-paste porcelain, which is produced at our site in Kahla in Thuringia. All raw materials – and we exclusively use feldspar, quartz and kaolin as well as water – come from Germany. We avoid long transportation routes and place a high value on fairness in the workplace. This is good to know as you can feel good about every meal knowing it is served on a KAHLA plate produced in an environmentally responsible manner.