Designer platters of brand-name porcelain by KAHLA

Not nearly every dish can be served directly on the plate. Therefore platters in various sizes are among the essentials of a home. Here, we compiled the finest serving platters, elegant cake plates and cake platters and selected fish platters. Whether breakfast or brunch, Sunday dinner with the family, a multi-course meal or a festive buffet: KAHLA porcelain platters offer unlimited possibilities to create a stylish table. 

Styles, colours and shapes in every variation

KAHLA porcelain platters are available in a near endless variety of shapes, colours and décors. They go with a young, hip lifestyle equally well as with period furniture; with country style and urban interiors. You simply have to choose the KAHLA series that best matches your particular taste and needs. If your style is all modern, you can't go wrong with the Elixyr or Cumulus or Atelier platters. If you like crisp lines and timeless design, you might prefer Update and Five Senses. Or perhaps for you it is all about a homely atmosphere? Then the modern vintage collection Centuries or the popular Blau Saks or Onion pattern might be right for you. Of course you also can use your imagination and mix and match the different series and create your very own platter collection. Anything goes. Because when it comes to colour, KAHLA porcelain always matches with KAHLA porcelain. Our white is always the same white. When you mix and match, there will be no colour difference. 

The unique KAHLA platters wear many hats

KAHLA is well known for its intelligent porcelain concepts. Many of our multifunctional platters prove that point. Some can also be used as lid, such as the medium Five Senses menu platter that fits a grill dish with spout. Magic Grip is just as clever: all porcelain pieces rest on a thin silicone foot that prevents slipping, clattering and scratching. And finally, there is another creative serving idea: how about one of the write-on platters from the Notes series for a change? They can be decorated or written on with pencil or coloured pencil; images and letters can be erased afterwards. They also make a great gift!

Innovative products are looking back on a long tradition

KAHLA blends over 170 years of porcelain tradition, innovative design and most advanced production technologies into unique quality products. From the production of raw materials to packaging, they are produced in Germany. At every step, we voluntarily agree to comply with the strictest environmental and social standards. This way, we continuously contribute to protecting the environment and to securing fair jobs in Thuringia.