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Wind and waves will not interfere anymore with travelling in style at sea: with Magic Grip „On Tour”, KAHLA presents the first porcelain for boats.

The innovative Magic Grip coating on the underside of the porcelain makes it slip-resistant and provides plates, cups and bowls with a secure grip also in heavier seas.

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On Tour collection, non-skid tableware for boats, KAHLA Porcelain

Décor bestseller "Wildblume"

Once again we showed our keen sense for trends of the future with the décor “Wildblume” (wild flowers): it's all about subtle watercolours and floral patterns in table culture and table-ware design.

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Wildblume collection, Design: Lisa Keller, Magic Grip, KAHLA Porcelain

Plié warmer top

In a playful way Plié unfolds on your favourite bowl and becomes a teapot warmer.
Plié is a design that facilitates the interaction of teapot and bowl in an elegant way making it permeable to air and candlelight at the same time.

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Plié warmer top, KAHLA Porcelain

A cross-stitch décor, monochromatic pieces in red and white and soft touch! cups invite a cosy get-together with family and friends.

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Hygge, Winter collection, KAHLA Porcelain


With 'Seasons', KAHLA created porcelain that adds a magical touch to the winter time.

The new series places pearlescent highlights against dark surfaces. Select individual pieces with an iridescent shimmer or delicate winter designs are combined with dark-blue, grey or anthracite-grey backgrounds. Smooth, shiny surfaces contrast with matte-velvety, partially textile structures.

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Seasons, Winter collection, KAHLA Porcelain

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