Porcelain for picnic, balcony and barbecue lovers. Prepare, serve and enjoy, seal and store outside in style: so many functions in just a few products.

Design with added value for the sunny moments in life.

BBQ collection, barbecue dishes, Kahla Porcelain
BBQ, Barbecue, tableware for grilling, KAHLA porcelain
Grill dish with serving platter, BBQ Collection, Kahla porcelain
Grill dish

with serving platter

grill dish

The grill dish keeps food warm or cold. Whether fish on ice, marinated meat, a large serving of tiramisu or grilled vegetables, juicy steaks or fresh gratins: the dish made from hard-paste porcelain keeps food at the desired temperature under its elegant lid, which also serves as a coaster and serving platter.

The spout makes pouring of juice and sauce easy, or keeps serving utensils in place. The grill dish with lid is available in maxi and midi-size.

Snack bowl with lid, BBQ, grilling tableware, Kahla porcelain
Snack Bowl with Lid

Serve vegetable sticks, berries or desserts in perfect style and stack them in the refrigerator to save space.
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Outdoor carafe with lid, BBQ, grilling tableware, Kahla porcelain
Outdoor carafe with lid

To ward off little trespassers, the outdoor carafe can be covered with a dip bowl. The hard-paste porcelain keeps drinks cool for a long time. Order now »

BBQ Collection, Barbecue jar for spices and sugar, grilling tableware, KAHLA Porcelain
Deli Jar

The all-rounder contains chutneys, spices, herbs, sugar or honey. The jar closes tightly and the spoon just stays inside. Order now »


Outdoor bowl with lid

Fresh salad from the garden or colourful jelly: healthy salads, snacks and sweet treats can be kept cool and stacked securely in the lidded outdoor bowl.

When it is time to serve, the lid becomes a plate. The spout pours water and keeps the serving utensils in place.

Outdoor bowl with lid, BBQ Collection, tableware for grilling, Kahla porcelain

serving platters

Whether serving cold cuts and cold meat, fine cheeses or hot dishes: every home needs a selection of different serving platters.

KAHLA has a versatile porcelain concept for today’s kitchen and table: Sensuous and with an eye-catching form, sensible and absolutely functional. Our porcelain platters offer unlimited possibilities to create a stylish table.

BBQ, Barbecue, grilling dishes, KAHLA Porcelain
BBQ dishes, KAHLA Porcelain
BBQ, Barbecue, Tableware for grilling, Kahla porcelain