Porcelain that adds a magical touch to the winter time: pearlescent accents and delicate wintery designs together create highlights and bring a festive atmosphere to the table.

Without committing to particular holidays, many beautiful individual pieces are combined to create a festive theme. This makes 'Seasons' equally suitable for an elegant candlelight dinner as well as for celebrating advent or Christmas, New Year's Eve or other special occasions.

For those wonderful days of the year – those hours when coming home and being home feels more special and precious than at any other time of the year.

Seasons, Winter Collection, Christmas, KAHLA Porcelain
Winter Table Trend, Seasons, Winter Collection, Christmas, KAHLA Porcelain

The intricate drawings of Update “Winter’s Tale” bring a sunny winter day spent outdoors to life: subtle natural tones, light grey, real wood and lustre bring tree branches, animals and glistening snow to the table.

The lids/coasters made from real beech wood are made sustainably in Germany and are also suitable as a cutting board.

Abra Cadabra with pearlescent décor, Highlights at the Table, Winter Collection, Christmas, KAHLA Porcelain


The special touch of the new festive winter table aesthetics is a new décor in an iridescent, pearlescent look. A faint rainbow of light reflections also covers the inner surface of the bowls, when a tea light is placed inside.