KAHLA Accessories

Table, buffet & banquette

For special and exclusive events, KAHLA Professional offers design award-winning porcelain series and classy accessories for buffet-style dinners, antipasti or salads. The combinations of angular and organic shapes are ideal for culinary experiments that also please the eye. Small and fine culinary delights find their proper stage within the KAHLA product range.

Versatile and suitable for any kind of decoration or menu, KAHLA tiered stands and bowls upgrade traditional table concepts.

The pots, small cans & accessoires are suitable for all shapes in the assortment of KAHLA Professional.

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KAHLA stands, Table, buffet & banquette, Accessories, KAHLA Professional Porcelain

KAHLA stands

Tiered stands aim high. Whether antipasti or sushi, cupcakes or confections: the tiered stands can be used to artfully display a variety of culinary treats such as fresh fruit, sweet chocolates or petits fours, savoury pasties and much more.

Thanks to their timeless design they remain in style for a lifetime.