Design: Barbara Schmidt

A limited number of pieces with almost unlimited possibilities: with its condensed programme, Cumulus is the ideal gourmet porcelain inviting creativity and experimentation. The series combines haute-cuisine elements with modern interpretations of plates and bowls.

The unusual design with its rounded corners opens up ever new perspectives – ideal to give international food concepts an exotic touch. Airy and light, clean and focused, unique and universal – Cumulus is just above it all.

video, cumulus, kahla porcelain
design awards, cumulus, kahla porcelain
Cumulus, Keyvisual, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
Cumulus, Professional, Kahla porcelain - image 3
Cumulus, Professional, Kahla porcelain

Cumulus Solid colours

Your life is as colourful as you like to see it:
With the bright mix of colours fun and joy are always nearby.

Cumulus color scale 1, solid colours, colorful trableware, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
Cumulus color scale 2, solid colours, colorful trableware, KAHLA Professional Porcelain


The intricate, manually applied coloured Aqua glaze provides inspiration by evoking an ambiance of wellness.
A puristic illustration from the land of the rising sun – a feast for the eyes, whether served with or without Asian food creations.
Décor: KAHLA
Décor: KAHLA


individualized porzelain
individualized porzelain on Cumulus Notes
individualized porzelain
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