Design: Barbara Schmidt

Matinee sets a simple yet striking stage for food. The clean design, refined with a revolving relief band satisfies all needs of the modern restaurant or hotel sector without being the center of attention itself. A classic restaurant or café and a modern bistro are the perfect settings for Matinee to display its functionality and timeless beauty. The tableware meets the demands of both dining guests and serving staff.

Matinee, Professional, Kahla Porcelain
Matinee, Professional KAHLA Porcelain
Matinee, Professional, Kahla Porcelain - Image 2


Available in blue, yellow, green and grey.
Available in various colours.
3mm colour ribbon in blue, turquoise, yellow, black.
Available in blue, red, yellow, green and black.

*) These articles are going to be discontinued and will not be included in the next pricelist.