Whether espresso, coffee, cappuccino or café au lait – thanks to different cup sizes, mugs or bowls the Pronto bistro programme perfectly accommodates the manifold needs of a modern restaurant. Plates, platters and bowls in individual sizes are suitable for breakfast, snack, brunch or multi-course dinner.

The extra thickness of the porcelain body gives the tableware its characteristic bistro look and makes for a carefree handling even when things get hot in the oven, microwave or dishwasher.

Pronto White, Coffee & Bistro, Professional, Kahla Porcelain
Pronto Colore, solid colours, colorful trableware, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
Pronto, Professional, Kahla Porcelain

Pronto Colore Solid colours

Your life is as colourful as you like to see it: With the bright mix of colours fun and joy are always nearby.

The modern and contemporary Pronto Colore colour palette consists of well-coordinated base colours that can be easily combined with each other for a balanced effect.

Customized colours available on request (minimum order quantity of 1,000 items).

Pronto Colore Fondfarben 2020, KAHLA Porzellan

NEW: Sweep



Just as if drawn using pen and ink: delicate, white lines on porcelain. At times they break off, at other times they reconnect. Elegant and timeless, the Sweep décor on Pronto surprises with its raised relief texture.

A design for all senses and the demands of modern dining or running a hotel.

Pronto Sweep, decor, KAHLA Professional Porcelain


on Pronto Satin black
Pronto deep relief
Leipzig, Germany
Wernigerode, Germany

*) These articles are going to be discontinued and will not be included in the next pricelist.