Whether espresso, coffee, cappuccino or café au lait – thanks to different cup sizes, mugs or bowls the Pronto bistro programme perfectly accommodates the manifold needs of a modern restaurant. Plates, platters and bowls in individual sizes are suitable for breakfast, snack, brunch or multi-course dinner.

The extra thickness of the porcelain body gives the tableware its characteristic bistro look and makes for a carefree handling even when things get hot in the oven, microwave or dishwasher.

Pronto White, Coffee & Bistro, Professional, Kahla Porcelain
Pronto, Professional, Kahla Porcelain - Image 2
Pronto, Professional, Kahla Porcelain

Pronto Colore Solid colours

Your life is as colourful as you like to see it: With the bright mix of colours fun and joy are always nearby.

Special feature: There are mugs and cups for almost every drink.

Pronto Colore color scale 1, solid colours, colorful trableware, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
Pronto Colore color scale 2, solid colours, colorful trableware, KAHLA Professional Porcelain


on Pronto Satin black
Pronto deep relief
Leipzig, Germany
Wernigerode, Germany