Tared porcelain

Precise weight specifications

The wide range of tared products with a tolerance of +/- 5 g or +/- 10 g is ideally suited for the different sectors within the institutional food service, for student dining halls and company cafeterias.

In addition, an EAN bar code that encodes the weight of the respective item can be added to the underside of all KAHLA products. Scanners and scanner scales recognize and decode the code. Customers can be sure they do not overpay by even one cent and as a result they will develop a lasting trust in you and your services.

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tared porcelain, Kahla, image 2

To accurately weigh salads and appetizers, KAHLA offers porcelain items with precise
weight specifications that can be programmed into cash register systems.

Tared porcelain is available with or without EAN bar code.

You benefit from charging the exact amount:
• invoicing the precise amount down to
the gram +/- 5 g ensures a transparent
price / performance ratio
• minimization of goods sold
• improved cost accounting

tared porcelain, Kahla, image 3