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Heyday, KAHLA Porcelain
Heyday, KAHLA Porcelain
Heyday, KAHLA Porcelain
Heyday, KAHLA Porcelain

With the new décor Heyday, Lisa Keller brings the energy of mindfulness to the table. For the porcelain brand KAHLA, the designer is unfolding a floral carpet in delicate water-colours that combines a velvety green, aubergine, rosé and magenta in iridescent colour gradients. Muted and vibrant tones, warm and cold colour shades meet in the blossoms and buds. Calm meets vibrancy, just like Lisa Keller observes in nature. The word "heyday" stands for the peak of the flowering season and expresses the sensual perception of the maximum life energy. With her plant theme, Keller wants to share this source of energy with the people who use her porcelain every day: "Colour plays an important part in our internal energy balance – I wish for this connection of flower-ing, abundance and velvety smoothness to release a sense of well-being and strength in everyone who eats from Heyday."

Multifunctional, compact and modern
For Heyday, KAHLA has put together an ultra-modern selection of articles from the popular porcelain collections Five Senses and Pronto. In addition to a brunch plate, flowers and plants also interweave on a large dinner plate and a shallow plate. A versatile bowl acts as a vessel for soup, pasta and salad or as a cereal bowl. There is a cappuccino cup and a large mug for hot drinks such as coffee, cocoa or tea. The Heyday selection is completed by a design classic: the multifunctional sugar loaf with its curvy shape, which can hold a teaspoon upright – even once it has been capped with its lid and is closed again.

Bring on the colour!
In order to showcase the lavish floral décor in style, KAHLA embeds the new articles in a colour-coordinated range of Pronto Colore products. Solid-coloured plates, cups and bowls in green-blue, berry, petrol and the new Pronto Colore colour mint grey act as a frame for the floral motifs. Depending on whether only one or more of these colours are used to lay the table, there will always be new compositions. With jugs, egg cups, butter dishes, small bowls and lids – there is a porcelain article in every shape to fulfil any function. Those who are often on the road can choose between two trendy to-go cups in the colour green lagoon, which complement the new theme. The non-slip Magic Grip cups can be capped with either a matching drinking lid or a snack lid – for the convenient enjoyment and transportation of coffee, tea, salad or many other beverages and foods.

Freedom of choice instead of a complete set of dinnerware
Individual requests, needs and colour preferences are a top priority for KAHLA. Therefore, all items are available individually through either brick and mortar retailers or online. KAHLA also offers the new Heyday décor as a 16-piece starter set.

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