Happiness by the cup – with Happy Cups

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KAHLA introduces colourful cups »
Happy Cups, KAHLA Porcelain
Happy Cups, KAHLA Porcelain
Happy Cups, KAHLA Porcelain
Happy Cups, KAHLA Porcelain
Happy Cups, KAHLA Porcelain
Happy Cups, KAHLA Porcelain

It is going to be a colourful year at KAHLA. With Happy Cups, the German porcelain manufacturer is now launching a collection of cups that will serve happiness in every season. The iconic cups are colour-coordinated to reflect the respective season. Hand-painted motifs, cheerful sayings, or greetings in creative hand-lettering invite the user to truly enjoy a cup of their favourite beverage. And so that no-one will be so unlucky as to miss the auspicious gift ideas, KAHLA will provide retailers with special displays that exclusively show-case the Happy Cups. KAHLA will switch the cup assortment in these displays seasonally, four times a year in total. Only the three motifs "Happy Birthday", "Hello I love you" and "Coffee Mo-ments" by Elisabeth Gey will remain on display for the entire 12 months.

Spring: fresh new green and flowers
Spring starts with two delicate watercolour flower motifs by KAHLA designer Lisa Keller, who also created the form of the cup. The décor Heyday combines velvet green, aubergine, rosé and magenta in iridescent colour gradients. For Moon Meadow, the designer drew her inspiration from the herbs and flowers she discovered around the factory site in Kahla, Thuringia. This makes the cup also a great souvenir for visitors to Germany. KAHLA also offers both décors as a 16-piece set – four Happy Cups are combined with bowls and plates in different sizes to create a small set of tableware.

Summer: raspberry ice cream in a cup – why not?
To show a greater seasonal diversity, the KAHLA design team invited external designers to cre-ate their personal interpretation of a Happy Cup. Artist Sandy Gessner of Jena, Germany, took up the challenge and designed her version for the summer collection. She combines handwrit-ten notes such as "Lady Boss" and "Hotel Mama" with delicate graphic elements and with rich, solid base colours in orange-yellow and pink on the inside of the cup.

Autumn: a time to rest
The autumn motifs by KAHLA designer Elisabeth Gey come in a stylish black and white. With inscriptions like "Tea and Harmony", "A little Timeout", "Welcome Happiness" and "Me Time", each cup is a loving invitation to do something good for yourself. Once you have found your favourite saying, it can be complemented by a plate or a bowl in graphic patterns from the "Flavoured Moments" décor range. In addition to the four cups, there is also a 4-piece gift set avail-able containing one cup, two platters and one bowl.

Warm words for winter and Christmas
KAHLA was able to win illustrator Inga Knopp-Kilpert from Stuttgart, Germany, for the Happy Cups winter collection. Her designs "I love you more than Chocolate", "Baby, it's cold outside" or "Merry Christmas" in many different languages use colourful letters in an unconventional paper-collage look that is complemented by striking icons. Perfect for everyone who wants to give a gift of warm words without appearing overly sentimental. The designs "Silent Night", "O Christmas Tree" and "Joyful Christmas" on the Christmas Happy Cups designed by Elisabeth Gey create the cosiness of a classic Christmas.

Sustainable, well thought-out and "Made in Germany"
Important for people who want to give high quality: the Happy Cups distinguish themselves because of their ease to be combined with other items, their environmental friendliness and their durable quality. All cups are produced in Germany – from the design over the raw materials to the packaging. The well-established manufacturer KAHLA sets strict standards for an environ-mentally-friendly, socially responsible production. For sustainability, all cups can be easily com-bined with other KAHLA collections. For example, many of the colours used for the Happy Cup décors came from the popular Pronto Colore series. Moreover, the shade of white of the hard-paste porcelain also perfectly matches all other white KAHLA products or the black and white items of the new Flavoured Moments décor. KAHLA also scores points in terms of quality with some key advantages over other gift mugs in the market. Compared to cups made of stoneware or ceramics, the Happy Cups are made of hard-paste porcelain and are odourless, neutral in taste and bacteria-repellent. While other ceramic materials have a slight porosity, the ability of hard-paste porcelain to absorb water is less than 0.1%. Therefore, it is considered water-proof and thus complies with common international hygiene standards. The Happy Cups décors are applied as so-called inglazes – during the production process, the colours sink permanently into the glaze at high firing temperatures in the décor firing step. This makes the Happy Cups absolutely dishwasher safe and ensures that the intense colours will not fade and users can enjoy their favourite cup for a very long time.

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