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New décors make the series "O" even more versatile »
Décor Fable Fleur, KAHLA Porcelain
Décor "Fable Fleur"
Décor Fable Fleur, KAHLA Porcelain
Décor "Colour Shades"

More combination options for the latest porcelain series by designer Barbara Schmidt: KAHLA is expanding the selection "O – The better place" by two new décors. "Colour Shades" by Inga Israel plays with full-surface watercolours in different shades; "Fable Fleur" by Lisa Keller depicts a stylised world of plants. Both décors highlight the central feature of the design – the precise fold, which divides all "O" pieces into two areas: a surface for the food and a folded-up side with finely lined reliefs for serving. With its well-balanced colours, the décors complement each other and can be combined with one another or with plain white porcelain. Each individual décor is equally expressive and can also stand on its own. With these décors, everyone who likes to host friends and family can reinvent the look of their tableware with just a few different pieces. There is the option to only add individual highlights or to change entire table arrangements. And of course, the décors provide professional hosts with countless presentation options.

"Fable Fleur" plays with creative flowers, shadow and light
With the décor "Fable Fleur", designer Lisa Keller portrays a fantastical world of plants. It is a world of fairy-tale shapes and of vibrant colours that merge with the delicate white porcelain. The symmetrical plant forms remind of traditional textile design elements. On select individual pieces of the series "O", designed by Barbara Schmidt, they seem to grow out of the fold in the porcelain – at times in clusters, at others scattered. This way, the delicate flowers and leaves in subtle shades of blue, turquoise and red become part of the play of light and shadow, which is the hallmark of "O". They create a dramatic interaction of décor and form.

A principle of KAHLA and thus of the series "O – The better place" is to use as few pieces as possible while allowing for maximum versatility and diversity. This is also the philosophy of the décor "Fable Fleur", which is limited to six plates and platters in different sizes, one mug and one cup with Magic Grip. Because of its innovative dishwasher-safe anti-slip coating Magic Grip, the cup can be combined with any kind of saucer as desired. If placed on an oval platter for example, directly next to it there will be space for cookies or cake.

"Colour Shades" makes colours shine
The décor "Colour Shades" brings a new airiness and liveliness to the table. Four vibrant colours enter into a dialogue with the folded design of "O". They echo the constructivist composition of the fold and expand it to include the circle. The darker shade of the slanted surface emphasises the play of light and shadow, and a variation in the angle of the light creates new, subtle colour schemes and nuances. When accompanied by the stylised floral décor "Fable Fleur" or supple-mented with white porcelain, the options to style the table with patterns, colours and dark-and-light contrasts multiply. "Colour Shades" works equally well on its own or in a colour mix. Cups, plates, platters and bowls are available in different sizes in all four colour shades "blue", "yellow", "rosé" and "grey". Here as well, with its transparent dishwasher-safe silicone foot, Magic Grip provides multi-functionality: the slip-resistant cups remain firmly on each plate or platter, which results in a variety of new serving options. Design with added value – characteristic for KAHLA.


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