Colour with a System

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Symphony, New décor System Plus, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
Symphony, New décor System Plus, KAHLA Professional Porcelain

Colours sometimes can say more than words – an idea which forms the foundation for the concept of the new KAHLA Professional décor "Symphony". The geometric décor for the System Plus series was developed in three different colour schemes, which may be used for orientation purposes. Rosé, sage green and night blue could for example be assigned to different floors, stations or residential units in social institutions or nursing homes. This way, it is immediately clear what belongs where – and borrowed articles will find their way back faster. Even dietary kitchens will look forward to the options provided by "Symphony", because the colours of the décor could also be used to label certain dietary restrictions – no more confusion. If these or any similar orientation aids are not needed or desired, the three colour schemes of "Symphony" can of course also just be combined with one another.

Composition of colours and shapes
"Symphony" plays with the basic geometric shapes of line and semicircle, combining light and dark colour shades to a well-balanced mix. The mindful restriction to a tonal colour scheme and the generous use of white space give the décor its crisp, clean effect. An exception are the solid-coloured curved lids of the small coffee pot, which create a dramatic counterpoint within the ensemble. "With this accent, the décor not only highlights significant design elements of the System Plus series, but also emphasises substance. Because the coffee pot is a symbol for enjoyment and marks a snack break, which has come to be a little time of rest", says KAHLA designer Elisabeth Gey.

Feel-good porcelain with added value
However, the feel-good idea of "Symphony" is not only represented by the colour harmony: the selection of articles themselves will also please cooks and providers, patients, residents and guests. The basic product range consists of the successful KAHLA System Plus series, which is characterised by a compact form, stackability and durability. The reinforced edges of the hard-paste porcelain, which is produced in Germany, can withstand many collisions; décor and material will impress the user because they are safe for use with salamander grills, microwaves and dishwashers. With the added macchiato cup, there is also a large cup for hot beverages, which one can wrap their hands around for warmth. An added oval platter inspires a variety of food presentations: whether as a cheese plate with salad garnish, as a generous "saucer" for soup bowl and bread or for cakes and pastries – served with love, everything tastes twice as good!

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