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[Translate to English:] Referenz Burda, To Go Becher Cup it, KAHLA Professional Porzellan
[Translate to English:] Referenz Burda, To Go Becher Cup it, KAHLA Professional Porzellan
[Translate to English:] Referenz Burda, To Go Becher Cup it, KAHLA Professional Porzellan

KAHLA provides the employees of Burda in Offenburg with innovative reusable cups from the new cupit series. With this collaboration, the design brand and the media company point the way towards taste perfection, style and sustainability. Because with the high-quality "To Go" porcelain cups by KAHLA, the Management Board of BurdaLife and BurdaHome with Kay Labinsky and Frank-J. Ohlhorst, and the Burda cafeteria manager Thomas Lenhardt are moving towards a significant reduction of the cafeteria waste, which includes disposable containers, plastic lids and stirrers. Managing Director Ohlhorst says: "We used to go through about 400 disposable cups in our cafeteria every day. We no longer wanted to put up with this so we were looking for a highly functional alternative that was made in Germany. The KAHLA To Go cups are exactly the solution we had hoped to find: they are produced according to eco-friendly standards and have the perfect design for enjoying coffee in the office or on the go. It is a pleasure to look at them and to use them – with or without lid."

Sustainability with taste
As part of the collaboration, all on-site Burda employees in Offenburg received their very own KAHLA cupit cup as a gift. The will now be able to have it filled with coffee, tea etc. at the in-house bistro and take it to the office – or home and back to the office again. The soft Magic Grip sleeve ensures a secure transport
and a slip-resistant hold. Of great importance for the media group, which is market-leading in the area of food magazines, was taste and style – aspects that are also of high priority for KAHLA designer Lisa Keller: "The top priority with cupit is the experience with all senses. Hot or cold beverages served in "cup it" taste exactly the way they should taste because both, the porcelain and the lid are absolutely neutral in taste and odour. Equally pleasant is the drinking comfort: the cup with its smooth, tapered drinking rim rests comfortably at the mouth. Even with the lid on top, lips and nose do not encounter any ridges or seams."

Reusability is the way forward
Like Burda, more and more companies, restaurateurs and providers in the food service industry recognise disposable cups as a problem for society. According to calculations by the environmental organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Germans use 320,000 disposable cups every hour. This adds up to almost 3 billion a year. Reusable cups are a long-term solution to this problem, because they help conserve resources, protect the climate and reduce waste, according to the Deutsche Umwelthilfe. In particular with durable products such as porcelain cups, their environmental footprint is significantly better, the environmental organisation writes in a background paper

Conservation of resources and hygiene go well together
Many companies are still in the orientation phase when it comes to aligning reusability with hygiene requirements. But deposit or exchange systems are already successfully in place elsewhere. The Burda example demonstrates another possible solution: "Together with the Board of Management, the Work Council and Quality Assurance, we developed a concept which takes the hygiene regulations into account", says cafeteria manager Lenhardt: "All Burda employees take responsibility for their own cupit cup. They take off the lid before the dishwashercleaned cup is to be refilled and place the cup on a marked space on the counter. The cafeteria staff will then return the refilled cup to this space and the lid is being replaced by the cup owners themselves."

Décor according to preference and corporate image
Just like their paper cousins, the "cup it" cups by KAHLA can also be customised with a logo. Décors in colours that represent the corporate image of the company can be added anywhere on the cup – including under the Magic Grip sleeve – both on the outside and inside of the cup. In addition, lid and sleeve are available in six different colours. For customers who wish an even greater slip-resistance for transporting the cups, KAHLA will coat the bottom of the cup with a thin Magic Grip ring. This ring as well is permanently attached to the porcelain and therefore dishwasher-safe.

KAHLA collection cupit
Design: Lisa Keller
• white
• anthracite
• coral sunset
• green lagoon
• stormy blue
• deep sea blue

• Cup 0,23 l
• Cup 0,35 l
• Cup 0,47 l
• lid, open (with opening for drinking)

Properties of porcelain, Magic Grip and lid:
• Suitable for microwave
• Dishwasher-safe
• Food-safe
• Pro Eco

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