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Millions of men can't be wrong: grilling is without a doubt a matter of the right equipment. And that does not only include charcoal, grill and tongs, but also sturdy porcelain dishes for outdoor use. What that means, KAHLA shows with its newly launched BBQ collection: platters, bowls and jugs are equipped with versatile lids, which keep insects away from meat, salads and marinades. In addition, the porcelain lids protect against sunlight, heat, flying leaves, stirred-up sand and dust, making sure that marinated ingredients and side dishes stay fresh and appetizing. Guaranteed. And, of course, the porcelain can also be stacked, to for example move salads, meat and fish in order to make more space. Super practical: once it is time to barbecue and eat, the lid instantly transforms into a serving plate or a dip dish for the garlic oil served with roasted bread fresh from the grill. After all, even when grilling, "man" does not like to live from the hand to the mouth.

Essential for the perfect marinade
At KAHLA, every "barbecue type" is guaranteed to find the set that is right for him. The aromaconscious "marinator" will love the barbecue dish with lid because the shallow dish is long enough to completely immerse steaks, skewers of vegetables or shrimp, fish and much more. Bowl and lid are made of heavy white hard-paste porcelain, which keeps the food cool outside for some time. Practical: via the spout in the corner, excess liquid can be easily poured off. Once everything is grilled to perfection, the lid can be converted into a serving platter.

Barbecuing with an extra touch
Also important for the barbecue gourmet are all those little extras that help his culinary creations reach perfection. For this purpose, the BBQ collection by KAHLA offers trendy square bowls. They are perfect for smoked salt or herb butter or for fine little desserts. The matching lid protects everything until it is time to eat and afterwards serves as a coaster or small plate. Another true eye-catcher in the collection is the sauce flask: it holds pesto, chutneys, flavoured oils and more. And the best: the serving spoon completely fits under its curved lid.

Well protected drinks
Experienced masters of the grill would want to have other cold drinks at hand for their guests than just the mandatory beer. What if we have another sunny, hot summer just like last year? If so, juices, spritzers or a light punch in covered carafes will be a welcome addition to the drink menu. Thanks to their balanced proportions, the two sturdy jugs from the BBQ collection with a capacity of 0.5 or 1.5 litres, respectively, rest securely at the table. The matching lid can be trusted to keep any winged troublemakers out.

Savvy tableware
Around the BBQ sets with lid, KAHLA offers other items needed by outdoor chefs. These include barbecue plates in several sizes as well as rectangular serving platters measuring 28 or 32 centimetres in length or the 44-centimetre-long universal tray. For salads, we recommended the set of a large and a medium-sized bowl; for guacamole & co., small bowls are available in a double pack. All articles are made of white hard-paste porcelain, which has a special impact resistance making it suitable for outdoor use. In addition, all parts are dishwasher-safe. After all, who would want to spend much time in the kitchen on a balmy summer night?

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