Coffee Love in Thuringia

KAHLA hosts meeting of the German Coffee Roaster Guild »
KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH welcomes 65 members of the German Coffee Roaster Guild (Deutsche Röstergilde e.V.)
KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH welcomes 65 members of the German Coffee Roaster Guild (Deutsche Röstergilde e.V.)

KAHLA/Thüringen GmbH welcomed 65 members of the Deutsche Röstergilde e.V. in Kahla, Thuringia on the occasion of an annual meeting where an inspiring exchange with the coffee experts took place. Representing the interests of coffee roasters, the Röstergilde provides its members with a network for the German-speaking coffee market. The quality seal of the guild assures consumers of the high quality of coffee products.

During a tour of the production facilities of KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH, the coffee experts could see up close how cups for different coffee specialties such as espresso, filter coffee, cappuccino and café au lait are made. They were particularly interested in Café Sommelier, a series especially designed for coffee aficionados. The participants were visibly impressed by the many steps required to sustainably produce quality porcelain in Germany starting with the raw materials feldspar, kaolin and quartz.

After the tour, the Röstergilde held its annual meeting at Leuchtenburg Castle in Seitenroda against a wintry backdrop of light snow. At a tasting of espresso drinks, KAHLA could convince the participants with the diversity of products in its range and demonstrated the importance of the shape of a cup for the taste of the coffee. Taste, in addition to design and feel is an important purchasing factor for coffee roasters when they outfit a coffee bar.

In addition to innovations such as touch!, the porcelain with the velvety surface coating, KAHLA impressed the coffee experts with the Magic Grip technology and the new Coffee2Go cup, which was introduced only a few days earlier at the Ambiente international consumer goods fair in Frankfurt. With its new cup, KAHLA takes a stand against disposable cups and, with the Magic Grip coating, provides a smart solution. The fine silicone rings that encircle the centre of the cup like a band form a surface that is pleasant to the touch and makes carrying freshly brewed hot beverages easy. Thanks to the transparent Magic Grip silicone foot, the cups rest securely and scratch-proof on any surface. A newly designed Coffee2Go lid completes the perfect drinking experience.

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