KAHLA spreads out a carpet of flowers

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"Wildblume" theme is growing »
Wildblume, KAHLA Porcelain
Wildblume, KAHLA Porcelain

People all over the world adore the "Wildblume" décor by KAHLA designer Lisa Keller, which makes more flowers grow and blossom at the table: for the largest consumer goods fair worldwide, Ambiente 2017 in Frankfurt/Main, KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH is expanding its floral tableware selection by additional pieces for indoors and outdoors.

"Wildblume" meets mug cake
For the first time, the popular Abra Cadabra bowls by KAHLA are available with delicate watercolour flowers and grasses. Because the versatile, square bowls are also ovenproof, they are not only suitable for dips, jams and little snacks but also for single servings of hot foods. They are perfect for preparing and serving little soufflés, gratins or the latest trend food "mug cake". KAHLA offers small matching lids that can also be used as snack plates. For the first time, buttercup, snapdragon and their relatives also decorate a "Wildblume" tiered stand. On two tiers, sweet and savoury treats share the space with delicate flower stems. A porcelain flower arrangement, which would make a great birthday or Mother's Day gift.

Let’s get outside!
"Wildblume" is a décor that brings spring and summer into the home. Because of its close ties to nature, it is ideal for serving delicious food "al fresco". Therefore KAHLA has expanded the "Wildblume" theme to include several multi-purpose pieces for outdoors. They have some great features that make it easier to pre-pare the food in the kitchen and then carry and enjoy it outside. The secret of this added value is called Magic Grip. Thanks to a patented technology, the dishes rest on a thin silicone ring, which is permanently attached to the porcelain. Magic Grip is slip-resistant and prevents scratches and clatter. It is also dishwasher-safe and the black version is ovenproof. The new white casserole and baking tins in the "Wildblume" selection 2017 stand firmly on smooth working surfaces: for a relaxing experience when preparing food without the need to hold it in place. Afterwards, gratins, casseroles and cakes can be baked right in the tin at temperatures up to 280 Celsius. When covered with a lid, the tin can be taken straight to a summer party at a friend's house, to school or to nursery school. Thanks to Magic Grip, several dishes can be securely stacked on top of each other. At the party destination, the lid protects the prepared food from the sun and from bugs. And once the feast begins, it becomes an elegant serving platter.

Unique wildflowers
With the décor "Wildblume", designer Lisa Keller has created a unique flower look for KAHLA: she combined floral patterns with full-surface watercolour blue, watercolour green or watercolour yellow for a colourful backdrop. The watercol-ours are closely modelled after nature. Poppy, clover and many other wildflowers are grouped on the porcelain in various ways: here, delicate individual stems cluster in small groups; over there they cover the porcelain rim with a colourful meadow. With much attention to detail, "Wildblume" with its abundance of flowers reminds us to protect our environment: many of the depicted grasses and flowers are endangered species and need our special attention.


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