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[Translate to English:] KAHLA RFiD, NFC Digitales Porzellan
[Translate to English:] KAHLA RFiD, NFC Digitales Porzellan

At the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt, KAHLA and RASTAL Digital launch the new smartprint® technology. The smart porcelain cups carry dishwasher-proof sealed NFC transponders, intelligent logos or motifs that can be read out using a smartphone.

“Companies can surprise their customers and employees with personal messages, product infor- mation, games, coupons and daily offers. The impact on the emotional value of the promotional gift is auspicious. Brand communication becomes multisensory, interactive, individual, up-to- date, measurable and really smart.”, explains Sheila Rietscher, Director Brand & Strategy at KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH.

A cloud software guarantees individuality, timeliness and performance control

Using a personal cloud account, the URL, meaning the content to which a user is directed, can be changed any time and from anywhere in the world. Each porcelain article is individually programmable and information can be tailored to a particular demographic or a regional target group. For example, individual winners of a game can be selected from a group and receive a personal message after scanning their transponders.

The performance of the promotional gift and its conversion rate can be analyzed using the cloud. Even the journey of the promotional gift can be followed as soon as the owner of a smart cupit mug scans the intelligent logo and allows his smartphone to share his location.

Employer branding, sales promotions, loyalty programmes, out-of-home advertising

Adapting to the gamification trend, employers can convey playful training modules during the onboarding process or share daily motivational texts, cafeteria offers and invitations to team events as part of their employer branding activities.

Retailers and brands can offer changing coupons, recipes and shopping lists, discounted products and their regional availability, playlists or competitive games, served with first cup of coffee in the morning.

Professional hosts can share product information on a special coffee roast, on ingredients and allergens, pamper guests with small gifts and vouchers or lead to their Tripadvisor account. Clever hotel and restaurant managers use the smart KAHLA products as an advertising platform to be booked by their local partners and or cooperating brands such as food suppliers. Through placing their advertisements and offers, the investment on the tableware literally pays off quickly.

RFID applications: Maximum flexibility thanks to Magic Grip

With the help of modern RFID technology, logistics and product identification become more efficient, payment procedures are simplified and inventory periods are significantly shortened. Since the launch of the patented, dishwasher-safe Magic Grip application, KAHLA has been able to seal numerous transponder types onto the porcelain. In collaboration with its partners Avus and Sense IT, the innovative tableware brand KAHLA accelerates the process of digitization.

Whether needed for fully automated canteens with self-checkout terminals, for the contactless ordering from coffee machines or for the exact recording of weight on a digital shop scale: Any plate, mug or bowl from KAHLA can be equipped with a wide variety of RFID and NFC tags serving the IT systems of companies in the catering sector and other industries.

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