Series 'Update' celebrates 20th anniversary

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A new décor for the successful series »
new décor "Silk" KAHLA porcelain collection Update.
new décor "Silk" KAHLA porcelain collection Update.

Reason to celebrate at KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH: this year, the porcelain collection Update celebrates its 20th anniversary. In 1998, the company started a gentle revolution in the porcelain stores. With only a handful, multi-functional pieces, KAHLA introduced the innovative design concept Update, created by designer Barbara Schmidt. The new porcelain series did no longer ignore the changes in our life style and eating habits. Rather, for the first time, these changes were translated into porcelain. The courage to omit the limitations imposed by coffee pot and sugar bowl was rewarded. A recipient of seven international design awards, including the Good Design Award and the red dot Award, Update is one of the most successful series by the German porcelain manufacturer KAHLA to date.

Fewer articles, more ways to use them
In line with the motto of the company to offer "design with added value", at the time of its market launch, the Update series consisted of eight pieces offering many possibilities for individual combinations. The starting point was a bowl. It comes with a plate that also serves as a saucer and a lid. Bowl, plates in several sizes, a cup and a baking dish formed the basic Update set – multifunctional basics for a small household. Over time, the product range grew and now includes several multi-purpose bowls, a "pasta grande" plate, casserole dishes, mugs with handle and snack plates that can also be used as lids. From this assortment, the user can assemble their own tableware according to their individual needs and living situation and continue to "update" it over time. There are still no coffee pots, tureens or sauce boats.

New décor with transparent areas of colour
With the new décor "Silk", designer Barbara Schmidt presents her Update series with a special birthday gift: a composition of geometric areas of colour in transparent pastel shades that accentuate the bright white of the porcelain and make it shine. The colour elements in pale rose, lavender, mint-grey and porcelain-white overlay each other and blend and are reminiscent of textile surfaces. Together with the food served on the plates, they form a complete picture. In addition to the geometric elements, the three pastel shades appear full-surface on bowls, mugs and mini snack plates and bring a special airiness to the table. In addition to the individual items, Update "Silk" is available as the starter set "Survival Kit" in a handy carrying box: the perfect gift for any-one moving out of their parents’ home or furnishing their home for living as a single. Five separate articles make up the perfect basic set, which can be ex-panded and "updated" anytime.

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