Layered Look

New décor brings classic table linens to the table »
Linen & Cotton, New décor, Elixyr, KAHLA Professional Porzellan
Linen & Cotton, New décor, Elixyr, KAHLA Professional Porzellan

KAHLA presents the first tableware with porcelain-integrated table linens. Tablecloths, table runners and place mats are increasingly disappearing from our tables. In modern bistros, cafés and New Style hotels, minimalism is very popular, and these days, plates are often placed directly on beautiful wooden or stone surfaces. That is why KAHLA designer Lisa Keller combined the classic materials used to lay tables directly with porcelain.

Her new "linen & cotton" décor plays with the textures of linen and cotton and presents them in a new form: on the plate instead of next to it or underneath. The subtle colour scheme in muted blue, green and sand demonstrates a sense of style and fits in any environment where the focus is on a straightforward authentic look.

Patchwork meets purism
Lisa Keller found the inspiration for her design during her visits to cities such as Berlin, Milan and Copenhagen: "I noticed that suddenly there are exposed materials everywhere. Bare wooden tables and stone surfaces are replacing the classically-laid dinner table", she says. "This makes the contrast between soft and hard materials, between solid and light disappear. So, I wondered how I could create visual rhythms at the table when there are no table linens." With "linen & cotton", the designer took the familiar and beautiful textile elements of the classic table setting of cotton and linen and reinterpreted them in a new way. Two patterns each of both fabrics are arranged in a collage-like fashion on the flowing porcelain shapes from the KAHLA Elixyr series. The textile transparency creates an impression of softness and airiness. Where the two fabric strips overlap, the material underneath shows through, which creates new colour shades.

KAHLA Elixyr with a new look
The new décor decorates the KAHLA Elixyr collection (design form: Barbara Schmidt), a series popular with the restaurant and food service industry, which received numerous awards for its outstanding design. The linen and cotton elements were arranged on the various plates, bowls and cups of the series in different ways. As with all KAHLA collections, the articles can be complemented by individual white pieces from Elixyr or other KAHLA series. This results in dramatic, personalised table arrangements. The new décor may inspire restaurant and food service providers to a trend update. After all, even just a few new pieces will give the table a new appearance – and provide new material for conversations at the table.

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