Clearer conscience for coffee 2 go lifestyle

Environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable cups

Greater style, a better taste experience and a clearer conscience for the coffee 2 go lifestyle: with cupit, KAHLA provides the restaurant sector and the food service industry with a new concept for an eco-friendly way of enjoying food and drink.

At the Internorga 2017, the porcelain brand introduced a series of closable porcelain cups that combine a sophisticated 2 go design, a colourful lifestyle and an ideal suitability for applications in the restaurant sector. cupit is a concept for contemporary bakery chains, urban coffee shops, for upscale event catering or for the breakfast to go at the hotel. In addition, cupit provides a smart and proven solution for companies wanting to reduce the waste in their company catering or coffee catering: "Whether sale, deposit system or bring-your-own – we know exactly how our customers can make the hygiene regulations and the reusable cupit concept compatible and we will be happy to advise them", says Managing Partner Holger Raithel.

smell it. taste it. feel it.
Top priority with cupit is the experience with all senses. The porcelain cup optimally brings out the quality of the coffee beans and the coffee equipment. Likewise, the innovative drinking lid is completely neutral in taste and odour. Equally pleasant is the cupit drinking experience: with its smooth, tapered drinking rim,
the cup rests comfortably at the mouth also without the lid. And even with the lid on top, lips and nose do not encounter any ridges or seams. In addition to the classic use for coffee drinks or tea specialities, the cupit design is also suitable for milk shakes and smoothies, finger food or snacks. Cereal, salads, desserts & co. can be served and enjoyed in the cups – even while standing.

mix it. match it. love it.
cupit is available in 36 colour combinations and three cup sizes. The cup can be used with or without a lid. This mix & match principle creates numerous individual possible combinations. Initially, the cups will be available in three sizes with volumes of 0.23L, 0.35L or 0.47L, which can be combined with a drinking lid
that fits all sizes. All pieces are available in charcoal and in white and in four trend colours: coral sunset – a soft, creamy red, green lagoon – with a hint of turquoise, and two shades of blue, stormy blue and deep sea blue. The cups can be further customised and tailored to the company's corporate identity by adding
company logos or custom décors.

take it. fill it. keep it.
The patented Magic Grip technology by KAHLA makes transporting the cups easy: Magic Grip is a series of patented silicone rings on the bottom and the grip zone, which are dishwasher-safe and permanently attached to the porcelain. The Magic Grip foot ensures a firm and secure hold in the car, on the bus or the train. Those who prefer to walk can carry the cup safely and easily thanks to the nonslip insulating sleeve. Because of the depression in the lid, several cups can be stacked on top of each other. This makes cupit an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional disposable containers, which have become a serious problem for the environment and for communities. According to statistics by the environmental organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Germans use 320,000 disposable cups every hour. This adds up to almost 3 billion a year: which is an even more concerning number, because the cups are usually coated with plastic and therefore cannot be recycled with other paper waste. "The time has come for genuine, environmentally-responsible and useful reusable products. And the restaurant and food service industry recognises this need more and more", Raithel emphasises. "With cupit, KAHLA offers the industry an innovative patented solution and at the same time shows its commitment to bringing about a change in awareness in our society."

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