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cupit, To Go mug collection, KAHLA Porcelain
cupit, To Go mug collection, KAHLA Porcelain

"Cup it" is a new concept for an eco-friendly way of enjoying food and drink on the move in the urban setting. At the Ambiente 2017, KAHLA is introducing a series of re-closable porcelain mugs and the timing could not be better. KAHLA's message to everyone who wants to bring drinks or food from home, their favourite coffee shop or bakery, the bistro or the student dining hall is: "cup it!". This translates to: "Don't use disposable containers! Be mindful of the environment, enjoy responsibly and choose good style."

Users can create their very own personal favourite from three different mug sizes, one drinking lid and one closed cover in six colours each. Thanks to Magic Grip in the grip zone and as slip-resistant coating, "cupit" is the perfect companion for people on the move. The designer pieces are manufactured in Germany in com-pliance with the strictest environmental standards. In short: "cup it" is made for a generation that is constantly on the move and values environmental responsibility and individuality.

smell it. taste it. feel it.
"Cup it" provides an experience for all the senses. Whether coffee, iced frappé, smoothie, salad or cereal: the porcelain cups can be used for drinks and food, and those will taste precisely as they should. Because both, the porcelain and the durable food-safe lid are made in Germany and are completely neutral in taste and odourless. Equally authentic and pleasant is the "cup it" drinking experience: with its smooth, tapered drinking rim, the cup rests comfortably at the mouth. Even with the lid on top, lips and nose do not encounter any ridges or seams. Finally, "cup it" impresses with its ergonomic design and its surface feel: thanks to the Magic Grip gripping zone, all mugs feel soft and pleasant when held by hand.

mix it. match it. love it.
"Cup it" comes in 36 colour combinations, in three cup sizes and with two types of lids. This mix & match principle offers 216 possible variations. This way, everyone will find their personal favourite. Initially, "cup it" mugs will be commercially available in volumes of 0.23L, 0.35L or 0.47L. These can be combined with two types of lids in one size that fits all cups: a lid with an opening for drinking and a closed cover. All pieces are available in charcoal and white and in four trendy col-ours that were selected through online voting. The voters decided on coral sunset – a bright, creamy red, green lagoon – with a hint of turquoise, and two shades of blue, stormy blue and deep sea blue. Whether dark blue sleeve and coral-red drinking lid, all-white cup with turquoise lid or everything in the same colour: each mug expresses the user's personal taste.

take it. fill it. keep it.Whether bringing a snack for lunch to the office or taking the Latte Macchiato "to go" to the park: "cup it" is open for both rituals and spontaneous ideas. All cups can be filled as desired and taken wherever you want according to the motto: "Just add a lid and go!". Magic Grip by KAHLA makes transporting the cups easy. Magic Grip is a series of patented silicone rings on the bottom and the grip zone. It is dishwasher-safe and permanently attached to the porcelain. The Magic Grip foot ensures a firm and secure hold in the car, on the bus or the train. Those who prefer to walk can carry the cup safely and securely thanks to the non-slip insulat-ing sleeve. Because of the depression in the lid, several mugs can be stacked on top of each other. Once the Chai Latte has been finished, the couscous salad has been eaten and the last piece of pineapple is gone, the empty mug can be cov-ered with the lid. Now they can be brought back home without creating a mess in the briefcase or bag. This makes "cup it" an eco-friendly alternative to the con-ventional disposable containers, which have become a serious problem for the environment and for communities. According to statistics by the environmental or-ganisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe, Germans use 320,000 disposable mugs every hour. This adds up to almost 3 billion a year, which is an even more concerning number, because the mugs are usually coated with plastic and therefore cannot be recycled with other paper waste. The time has come for genuine, environmentally-responsible and useful reusable products. With "cup it", KAHLA is committed to bringing about a change in awareness into our society.

KAHLA Kollektion cupit

Design: Lisa Keller


  • porcelain white
  • soft black
  • coral sunset
  • green lagoon
  • stormy blue
  • deep sea blue


  • mug 0,23 l
  • mug 0,35 l
  • mug 0,47 l
  • lid, open (with opening for drinking)

Properties of porcelain, Magic Grip and lid:

  • Suitable for microwave
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Food-safe
  • Pro Eco


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