A snapshot of summer: KAHLA Moon Meadow

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A flower meadow by day and by night »
Moon Meadow, KAHLA Porcelain
Moon Meadow, KAHLA Porcelain
Moon Meadow, KAHLA Porcelain
Moon Meadow, KAHLA Porcelain

With its new décor Moon Meadow, KAHLA captures the dramatic play between daylight and moonlight. Wild herbs, grasses and flowers in delicate hand-painted watercolours come alive to a lush beauty on the porcelain. Particularly dramatic are the various shades of green in combination with delicate salmon pink and sunny yellow against two different background colours. Against the white background of the mugs, snack plates, dinner plates and pasta plates, the colours radiate bright and fresh. However, when combined with the deep black-blue background of the cake plate, pizza plate and the large oval platter, the plants undergo a magical change. Their colours become more vibrant and the image of a lovely meadow becomes an expressive eye-catching statement.

Beauty often goes unnoticed under our feet
KAHLA designer Lisa Keller, who is known for her delicate floral watercolours, found all the flowers for her décor right on her doorstep: "I am always amazed how the meadows in Kahla change from spring to autumn. Every day, a new, sometimes tiny, flower comes to light and welcomes you on your way to work. I collected the plants chosen for the décor in July. They are like a snapshot of a beautiful summer day, depicting the lushness of a small patch on Earth with all its delicate details."

Modern forms and functions
Moon Meadow is displayed on select pieces from the Update series, designed by Barbara Schmidt. A classic among the KAHLA collections, Update impresses with its crisp design vocabulary and its multifunctional articles that make décors shine. This effect is particularly striking with the shallow and deep bowls that have an outer surface dipped in a solid black-blue hue. Colour-coordinated cups from the KAHLA to-go collection cupit (Design: Lisa Keller) complete the new theme. Not only do they provide colourful additional presentation options, but they also bring a new functionality to the table because the cupit cups can be closed with a drinking lid or a snack lid. This makes it possible to bring the rest of your morning tea from the breakfast table directly to the car, or to use the airtight lid to keep fruit salad fresh for a snack later in the day. This modern versatility makes Moon Mead-ow a set of tableware that is as convenient for everyday use as it is for laying a stunning festive table. Just add a few more dark-coloured pieces and elegant table linens, and the cheerful everyday tableware transforms into an exquisite set of porcelain with a luxurious feel.

Welcome to the meadow of your dreams – individually or as a set!
KAHLA has combined the most important basic articles with the new décor to a 16-piece set, each containing four mugs, bowls, small and large shallow plates. In addition, all articles are also available separately. This way, everyone can bring the meadow of their dreams into their own home – whether sun-kissed or moonlit.

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