Take a Break in Green

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Leaves Décor System Plus, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
Leaves Décor System Plus, KAHLA Professional Porcelain

The new KAHLA décor "Leaves" brings summery green to the company cafeteria all year round. The rims of the plates and the outside of the cups and coffee pots and teapots of the trusted KAHLA Professional System Plus series are decorated with winding stylised leaves. Food and beverages are now framed by delicate greenery, and at times they seem to intergrow. Just like in nature, no piece is like the other – the leaves in three vivid colour shades are sometimes darker and sometimes lighter; sometimes richer and sometimes subtler. The combination of different pieces of tableware creates new variations, which capture both, the growth and the green of the warmer seasons, as well as the alternation of light and shade. "The bright, cheerful and natural colour theme pairs well with any easy-going, fresh interior, and can be combined with different shades of green, and with white, light grey and natural wood", says KAHLA designer Elisabeth Gey. "This makes 'Leaves' an attractive option for anyone who wants their dining hall or cafeteria to be a modern space that enables social interactions: this also applies to new, entry-level hotels, and hostels and restaurants."

Functional and flexible
"Leaves" is a great choice also because of the qualities of the porcelain style. The new décor is based on the trusted KAHLA Professional System Plus series, which combines a distinct design with functionality and durability. Reinforced edges make the porcelain withstand everyday battles. Whether salamander grill, microwave or dishwasher, the durable System Plus with the leaf décor breezes through even the roughest of days without any scratch – another plus for the food service industry. It takes up little storage space and has a small footprint because all articles in the series can be stacked to save space.

Modern article selection
Latte macchiato, pasta dishes and main-course salads are staples in communal catering today. The article selection of "Leaves" meets those needs. The collection does not only include a multi-purpose, oval platter but also a deep pasta plate with a diameter of 30 cm for the presentation of pasta dishes and main-course salads. And of course, the macchiato mug with a volume of 280 mL is not only suitable for coffee specialties, but also for larger servings of coffee or tea without the need for a coffee pot or teapot. This flexibility and variety makes the evergreen Professional System Plus series with the new "Leaves" décor very interesting for the modern institutional food service.

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