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Salt crystals and earth tones create dramatic display on porcelain »
Salt Made, KAHLA Porcelain
Salt Made, KAHLA Porcelain
Salt Made, KAHLA Porcelain

A characterful presentation is an important element of the con-temporary festive table. With Salt Made, the design brand KAHLA created a KAHLA collection with an artisanal look. The series, which features salt crystals and soft earthy colour gradients, adds character to the table allowing trend-conscious amateur chefs to artfully stage their culinary creations.

Creative and Sophisticated
The natural look of Salt Made is the result of a process, which seems to produce random patterns. In reality, KAHLA designer Lisa Keller is completely and gently in control: first, she lets watery colours flow into each other. Where they form areas, or create dramatic colour gradients, the designer adds salt crystals in different sizes onto the still wet colours. The colours are attracted by the crystals. This creates new images, which change by the second until the colours are completely dry. "It seems as if I am creating the décor like a meal", says Keller. "A little bit of velvety terracotta, a dash of foggy grey, a pinch of crystals. One last intuitive brush stroke of dark colour for more depth – done." This way, each piece will have its own distinct and unique look. Still everything works together and the individual pieces form a rustic yet sophisticated ensemble at the table. Therefore, Salt Made is suited equally well for the styling of individual dishes or for all courses of a menu.

A Coordinated Selection for Hosts Who Appreciate Variety
The Salt Made collection is based on select pieces from the KAHLA product range. For pasta, warm or cold dishes, cake and bread, there are plates in four different sizes from the KAHLA classic Update. They are complemented by bowls with handles in different sizes from the Elixyr series, and by dessert bowls and a platter. In addition to thick-walled espresso and cappuccino cups, there also is a coffee mug with matching saucers from the Pronto series. As always with KAHLA porcelain: for custom design ideas for the table, Salt Made can be combined with other KAHLA pieces.

Naturally durable
For daily use, the new KAHLA series is not only very versatile but also stands out in terms of impact resistance and durability. Just like the entire KAHLA product range, Salt Made is safe for dishwashers and microwaves, and has a cut-resistant and sanitary glaze. The entire manufacturing follows an environmentally-responsible process, which fits the natural look of the collection. The porcelain is exclusively made from the natural materials kaolin, quartz and feldspar, mined in Germany. During its production in Thuringia, many production steps of Salt Made are still carried out by hand. Within the strict KAHLA pro Eco guidelines, the protection of natural resources plays a significant role.

Product details:

  • Suitable for microwave
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Oven-proof
  • Pro Eco

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