Eco-Friendly To-Go-Concept with New Feature

KAHLA expands the "cupit" reusability concept »
cupit collection 2018, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
cupit collection 2018
cupit collection 2018, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
cupit - new colours
cupit collection 2018, KAHLA Professional Porcelain
new snack lid

Whether soup kitchen, vitamin or smoothie bar, institu-tional catering or food service industry: new business opportunities are opening up in the to-go-sector. Porcelain producer KAHLA is expanding its successful "cupit" reusability concept by adding a new feature. A new closed cover now allows warm and cold contents to be stored and transported safely and without spilling. The open drinking lid for beverages to be consumed immediately will still be available. Whether cappuccino or tabbouleh for the office, whether to keep fruit salad fresh or transport minestrone: anything is possible in 2018 with "cupit".

Smart transport design
The new closed snack cover has a valve to allow the pressure to equalise. If the cup contains a hot beverage or a soup, the dial in the centre of the cover is turned to the left on the symbol for heat. If the content is cold, the dial is set on the symbol for cold and turned to the right. Both movements safely close the cover. The removal of the lid is made easier by using the tab on its side.
Because of a depression in the centre of the lid, all "cupit" cups are stackable. The soft Magic Grip grip zone makes "cupit" the perfect companion for a busy life on the move – all without disposable waste.

Safe material, pure taste
Characteristically for KAHLA, "cupit" is designed for all senses – the porcelain cup preserves the delicious aroma of high-quality coffee, and freshly prepared food tastes twice as good as when served from a plastic container. Both, the porcelain and the two BPA-free lids are made in Germany. All materials are food-safe and absolutely neutral in taste and odour. Even when filled with hot beverages, no harmful substances that could end up in the drinks or the food are released – another reason, why the environmental organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe recommends porcelain as a reusable alternative to disposable tableware. Providers who are committed to quality and taste perfection will strengthen their brand image by offering "cupit".

Hygiene regulation meets reusability concept
As professional porcelain, "cupit" can be customised thus making it as distinctive as the companies using the concept: providers in the restaurant and food service industry may choose from a wide variety of colours and adapt them to their CI with logos and décors. "cupit" is equally suited for sale, deposit system or a 'bring-your-own-cup'-business model. KAHLA will be happy to discuss the advantages of each system in the context of a comprehensive consultation on the implementation of reusability.

"’cupit’ has already proven its worth for numerous companies. We are happy to share these valuable experiences with other companies interested in stylish solutions that help reduce waste costs”, says Managing Partner Holger Raithel. "In any case, you can be sure that there are a number of ways to reconcile economic efficiency and hygiene regulations with the 'cupit' reusability concept."

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