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[Translate to English:] Neuer Dekor Wilderness, KAHLA Porzellan
[Translate to English:] Neuer Dekor Wilderness, KAHLA Porzellan
[Translate to English:] Neuer Dekor Wilderness, KAHLA Porzellan
[Translate to English:] Neuer Dekor Wilderness, KAHLA Porzellan
[Translate to English:] Neuer Dekor Wilderness, KAHLA Porzellan

The KAHLA Short Sets were designed for mobile, urban, environmentally conscious people who live in small households or wish to add trendy accents to their existing tableware on a small budget. The new porcelain sets from KAHLA are ecological, economical and multifunctional. The composition of two plates, a bowl and a to go mug from the cupit range covers all needs of the contemporary food and snack culture. Modern decors are linked to current trends in architecture and interior design, to social movements and the feelings of a new, mindful generation.

Short Set Wilderness

The decor Wilderness on the articles in the Update series pays homage to the untouched nature of the Thuringian Forest, to the pure natural material porcelain and to a wildlife that needs to be protected. Wilderness expresses the tranquility and power of nature in a mystical, loving way. The rabbit, owl and deer were hand-drawn by designer Elisabeth Gey using feathery lines. Warm watercolour tones frame the harmonic ambience.

Short Set Portofino

The decor Portofino on the articles of the Five Senses collection invites to a holiday at the table. Summer, beach and sea, la dolce vita in the sunset, amphorae made of terracotta: Designer Elisabeth Gey expresses the Mediterranean way of life, the enjoyment and the beauty of nature in cheerful aquarelle colours. Those who love Italian cuisine refine it with this tableware set.

Short Set Minerals

Small stones in rose, mint, orange and blue float over the porcelain. Sometimes they are very close, sometimes they use more space. The artistic and playful Minerals decor on selected porcelain parts from the Elixyr collection is reminiscent of the popular terrazzo surfaces. “If you place the plates on top of each other, the pattern becomes even more exciting. Those who love color blocking combine Minerals with coloured textiles in matching trend colours.”, recommends KAHLA designer Elisabeth Gey.

Short Set Tectonic

The graphic patterns Tectonic simulates a three-dimensional folding structure and an exciting play of light and shadow. The short set matches with the geometry of modern architecture and serves the linear relief series O by designer Barbara Schmidt. Decor designer Elisabeth Gey reveals: "Japanese Origami arts served as inspiration for the design of O. In addition to this idea, I got influenced from the papercut art when I created the Tectonic pattern."

Short Set Pure Limestone

The Pure Limestone porcelain is carefully hand-glazed by experienced ceramists. Through dipping and swinging round, the fine shining surface develops. The unique pieces in soft grey colour remind of natural stone and can be combined with patterns or white articles.

Short Sets

All Short Sets of the series Update, Five Senses, O and Elixyr are also available in pure white colour, combined with the cupit in soft black. They contain the basic tableware for two people and are packed in practical take-away boxes made from recycled cardboard. The Short Sets complement the range of the larger Design To Go sets.