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[Translate to English:] cupit to go Becher, KAHLA Porzellan
[Translate to English:] cupit to go Becher, KAHLA Porzellan
[Translate to English:] cupit to go Becher, KAHLA Porzellan


KAHLA's new Zero Waste trilogy is called: cupit, keepit, snackit. Sophisticated to-go mugs, snack bowls and storage containers made of sustainable hard paste porcelain guarantee the environmentally friendly enjoyment on the go and the plastic-free, hygienic storage of food at home. With this stylish collection, KAHLA assists people who prefer to purchase and store package-free foods and who rely on durable reusable products when preparing, taking away and enjoying their snacks.

With its products Made in Germany, the innovative porcelain brand supports current food trends such as the great popularity of bowl dishes, ramen soups and the versatile Levantine cuisine including numerous mezze menus.


The eco-friendly, award-winning to go mug from KAHLA has become a real bestseller. It is suitable for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies and long drinks and for serving small snacks such as salad, muesli or soup.

In 2020, the mugs, available with open and closed lids for drinking and snacking, appear in a magnificent range of colors and motifs. Matching the KAHLA series and the new Short Sets, the multifunctional cups feature established decors such as Wildblume and Heyday and present themselves in a completely new look, thanks to Elisabeth Gey’s beautiful patterns Wilderness, Portofino, Tectonic and Minerals. The new cupit colore collection transforms the ecological to go mug into a truly fashionable accessory, especially for those who love color blocking.

KAHLA provides eye-catching displays for retailers who wish to increase the performance of the cupit sales.


The popular bowls, selected from the award-winning Update series by designer Barbara Schmidt, are covered by lids that also serve as plates. Whether at university, in the office or at home: The snackit bowls help to prepare, to take away, to serve, to enjoy and to store delicious snacks such as Buddha bowls, Poké bowls, Smoothie bowls, salads, muesli, noodles, ramen soups and bibimbap - the designer’s favorite Korean dish.

The smallest bowl is suitable for treats such as nuts, berries, granola, dips, cupcakes and sweet souvenirs. All snackit bowls are packed in a gift box made from recycled cardboard. A selection of colorful elastic bands is added to the set. Thanks to the patented Magic Grip application, the lids cover the bowls gently and silently.


The fine collection of small and large porcelain jars with lids offers space for coffee, spices, muesli, rice, dried fruits, kitchen and office utensils, homemade lotions and other ingredients for a life full of taste, happiness and good design.

The storage containers do not only look good in the kitchen, they also decorate the bathroom, the office and the garden table with sustainable design. Herbs, dips, sweets, hair ties or paper clips are stored in an eco-friendly, hygienic and stylish way. Magic Grip ensures a gentle closure. The keepit range is also multifunctional: The lids are ideal as coasters and plates for small tapas.

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