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Design Awards, KAHLA Porcelain
Design Awards

KAHLA has since been awarded more than 95 international design awards for innovative product design, intelligent and environmentally friendly concepts.

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Trendsetter KAHLA is once again providing inspiration within the porcelain sector. With the technology Magic Grip, the brand presents an innovation which increases the functionality of porcelain in several regards.

The integrated silicone foot ensures a non slip quality, reduces noises and protects delicate surfaces from scratches.




KAHLA - Porcelain for the Senses

Eating and drinking are sensual experiences where beautiful tableware plays an important role. After all, dishes and table accessories greatly contribute to the culinary experience, which includes fare more than tasting alone. Smell, sight, touch and hearing are also an essential part of great dining.

Tableware for delicious flavours

In its porcelain designs, KAHLA focuses its attention on each of those aspects. 

KAHLA Dîner for example highlights the delectable flavour of exquisite food. The thin walls of its perfectly round plates and teardrop-shaped platters provide an exclusive stage for deliciousness. Fragrant aromas are retained under a cloche so that they are revealed only at the perfect moment. Sealing the aroma until the moment of serving also plays a role in many other KAHLA Collections. For example in the Café Sommelier gourmet collection: Whether espresso, cappuccino or café au lait: All cups are designed for the optimal development of taste and aroma. And all have a matching lid as flavour seal. 

Porcelain can be this touching

Another main actor in many of KAHLA's favourites is the sense of touch. Therefore, all cup rims are designed with a pleasant drinking sensation in mind. The reliefs of KAHLA's O-The better place collection also promise extraordinary haptic experiences. The soft porcelain KAHLA touch! treats its users to genuine cuddles. In addition, the velvety surface reduces noise. The same applies to Magic Grip – the slip-resistant porcelain, which neither scratches nor clatters. 

New collection O-The better place, Barbara Schmidt, KAHLA porcelain
KAHLA, Porzellan, porcelain, dishes, tableware
A sense for exceptional table settings

You eat with your eyes first. At KAHLA, this always finds new expressions. Because all series can be mixed and combined with one another. This results in a classy customisable mix of traditional and contemporary designs, of pure white hard-paste porcelain and a myriad of colours and décors. Thus, the sense of creativity finds its place at KAHLA too.


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